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What Our Customers Say!

We are overgrazed for one thing, we have more cows than we should have on this place. Of course, we have had a good year with some rain, but because of the fertilizer, we have good grass and fat cows.

- Lynn Oakley

I expected that Royal-Grow would work as well as traditional fertilizers, but in fact, it worked all most as twice as well. Royal-Grow, hands down, is a better product for me.

- Curt Godard

Give Ultra Sweet a shot, and it will make you money. We have learned to use it in alot of different areas.

- Steve Boyles

The products are the most productive and fast acting products that I have ever seen. No solid fertilizer comes close! Royal-Grow is my fertilizer and soil supplement manufacturer of choice.

- Scott Herrmann, Oklahoma Habitat Solutions

The company has offered producers such as myself, a more cost effecient way to fertilize. The simplicity of the application and the performance has sold me!

- Curt Godard