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Would you like to learn about Royal-Grow?

Royal-Grow is a yield and soil enhancement company that focuses beyond traditional NPK and lime products. We strive to rebuild the organic matter and microbial life, so your crops and forage can grow in a healthier and more sustainable environment.

How can you benefit from using Royal-Grow on your crops and forage?

  • Enhance crop and forage yields
  • Build stronger and healthier soil
  • Save Money - Reduce input costs and increase net profit
  • Recieve on-farm vists and recommendations from Royal-Grow agronomists.

Our entire team is dedicated to helping the customers achieve their desired plant growth.  Royal-Grow offers many different foliar NPK levels, soil building products and herbicide adjuvants.  Rather you are looking to produce more hay tonnage or raise bushel counts in your crop fields,– the Royal-Grow fertilizers and biologicals are just what you have been looking for.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals at a fair price, with the support you deserve. Contact us today to order fertilizer and soil enhancements for the upcoming season!


Meet the Royal-Grow team

JJ Stoeckl Crop Representative

JJ Stoeckl

Fertilizer Sales Representative and CCA

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Jared McGlothlin

Fertilizer Sales Representative

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Heath Tye

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Kelly Mull

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Shelby Fuss - Royal-Grow Marketing

Shelby Fuss

Marketing & Office Administration

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