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Royal-Grow Application Rates

Producers have been satisfied with lower application rates. However, we have found that results vary due to soil conditions, rainfall,
temperatures, plant types, application rates and timing. Since the results vary in different areas, we have increased our entry-level pasture application rates. Feel free to use lower rates, if you are satisfied with past results.

Please conduct a soil test prior to selecting an NPK product. The results will help you determine which levels will work best in your area. Contact us today to discuss the results from your soil test! 1-888-292-5760 or

Click here to download a pdf - Suggested starting application rates.

application rates

Click here to download a pdf - Suggested starting application rates.

  • For best results, apply Royal-Grow in the evening. Avoid applying in periods of heavy dew or immediately following a heavy rain. Best results are achieved when applied to a dry plant leaf.
  • Apply when at least 3 inches of active growth on desired crop is achieved.
  • For 1st time users, we suggest conducting a side-by-side test comparing our products to your current fertilizer program. If choosing to use Royal-Grow with a heavy application of herbicide, we also suggest applying test strips with and without the herbicide to insure that the plants are not affected by the enhanced herbicide.
  • Conduct a soil test prior to selecting a fertilizer program. If unable to conduct a soil test, we recommend implementing a balanced nutrient approach.
  • Fall vs. Spring applications: When applying fertilizer in the spring, using a NPK product is a key focus to promote plant growth, complementing with Ultra Sweet and with Liquid Velvet. In comparison, fall applications are focused on improving the soil conditions using our soil conditiones and bio-stimulants. A fall program will improve spring green up.
  • **Each crop year is different, as is each field. Results will vary depending on soil conditions, rainfall, temperatures, crop type, application rate and timing.**