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Herbicide Booster Generation 3

Herbicide Booster AdjuvantThis new and advanced herbicide adjuvant is a necessity for all crop and forage producers.

  • The third generation of Herbicide Booster is designed with smaller particles to blend quickly with all types of herbicide chemistry.
  • It has a contact to surface absorption time of less than 1 minute.
  • The new and improved adjuvant, works on all types of seasonal and perennial weeds.
  • It is designed to take to the herbicide’s active ingredient deeper into the plant, resulting in a harder kill.

Plants put up many barriers to herbicides and other chemicals. Environmental conditions and plant factors such as age, architecture,leaf morphology and leaf arrangement may decrease herbicide activity. This adjuvant is designed with 21st Century nano technology to speed up and enhance plant absorption. Most surfactants on the market work to break the surface tension of the water. This allows for the herbicide mixture to lay flat on a leaf, giving more surface contact for the herbicide to work. The Royal-Grow adjuvant takes the active ingredient deeper into the plant for a harder kill.

Mixing and Application Rates

This adjuvant can be added directly to the spray tank. Always mix the adjuvant with herbicide first, then add proper amount of water and mix well.

Herbicide Booster - Generation 3 has a recommended application rate of 2- 8 ounces per acre.


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