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Lawn and Garden Data and Results

2016 Greenhouse Testimonial

All Purpose Plant Food 20-20-20 Testimonial
Green Gate Farms applied All Purpose Plant Food 20-20-20 on Euonymus coloratus and Ajuga Bronze Beauty flats that were obviously suffering. The pictures show that the flats reacted quickly and they are showing new growth.

2013 Garden Mum Trial

mum root system
The mums were grown in a trial scenario for 12 weeks. During the first 6 weeks, they were fertilized with Royal-Grow’s All Purpose Plant Food 20-20-20. During the last 6 weeks, they were fertilized with Royal-Grow’s 16-4-16 Cal Mag. The following document provides a breakdown of picture results for each week in the trial. It also includes a breakdown of the cost.

Click here to view more data from the mum trial

Tomato Results

A garden with 20 tomato plants, both heirlooms and hybrids was fertilized three times with All Purpose Plant Food 20-20-20.
In approximately two months, the 20 plants produced over 40 quarts of whole tomatoes. Royal-Grow not only increased production, but it also promoted dark green foliage throughout the year.

Squash treated with All Purpose 20-20-20

squash results

2013 FFA Greenhouse

The following pictures were taken on April 3, 2013. Royal-Grow increases plant growth and root mass.
All of the plants were fertilized a couple of times with All Purpose 20-20-20 when they were first transplanted. They were fertilized with Organo Choice 24-8-16 from the time they were transplanted until they were sold.

After application of Royal-Grow, the plants in the greenhouse look more vibrant and they have a darker color. The Royal-Grow fertilizers have helped all of the plants grow. We will definately continue using these products in our FFA greenhouse.

spider plants cherokee purple