Royal-Grow Corn Data

Treated corn vs untreated corn

Quicker Emergence in Missouri

Organic blue corn treated with our biological, Enzyme Max. First picture  taken on August 1. Second and third pictures taken on August 15.

2018 IRF Data

Yuma, Colorado 

16 ounces Enzyme Max = 238.3 bushels per acre 

Control = 215 bushels per acre

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treated corn

Quicker Emergence in Missouri

This treatment produced a 25 bushel bump for the producer. 

Located in Deerfield, Missouri.

  • Corn treated in-furrow with Enzyme Max , Sweetener and 6-24-6 Royal-Grow starter.
  • The corn was planted on April 9, 2016 and it sprouted two days later on April 11, 2016. 
  • The picture on the left was taken on May 19,  2016. Plant on the right received Royal-Grow treatment and the plant on left is the control. 

14 bushel bump in North Carolina in 2017

In a 25 acre trial that was replicated 8 times, a producer applied Enzyme Max at 12.8 ounces per acre. The producer had a 14 bushel bump when compared to the check. This trial was located in Hickory, NC.

Enhancing Yields in Colorodo

A producer in Colorado applied Enzyme Max, Sweetener, Micro Pack and Cobalt to his corn field. The field produced 284 bushels, which was 32 bushels over the check.

Enhancing Yields in Ohio

A producer in Ohio applied Enzyme Max and Sweetener on his corn field. 

This trial produced 182.1 bushels, which was 1.5 bushels over the check