Build Soil Health with Royal-Grow Soil Products

Managing soil health is one of the easiest and most effective ways for producers to increase crop and forage productivity and profitability, while also improving the environment. At Royal-Grow, we realize the importance of soil health in crop and forage prodcution. We offer a variety of affordable soil products that build microbial life, and ultimately enhance yields. 

Royal-Grow products enhance yields, while also taking a step in the right direction to improve the soil and environment. Our company promotes sustainable agriculture by focusing on the biology of the soil. We strive to rebuild the organic matter and soil microbes so the plants and crops can grow in a healthier environment. Royal-Grow offers the following products: Soil Sweeteners and Humics, Soil Biologicals and Bio-Stimulants, Foliar Lime Products and Micro Nutrients


Enzyme Max


Product Overview

Enzyme Max® is an affordable and powerful biological that alleviates the effects of compaction, increases nutrient uptake and promotes healthier plant growth. This liquid product contains carbohydrates to fuel the microbes, as well as provide an extra energy boost to the plants.

Enzyme Max® is an advanced composition of minerals, essential nutrients, humic acids, and beneficial microbes.

  • Liquid biological that contains a synergistic blend of four bacillus strains of bacteria
  • Alleviates the effects of compaction
  • Increases nutrient uptake and promotes healthier plant growth

Application Rate

Apply 16 ounces per acre. 

Available in 2.5 gallon and 250 gallon containers.

Luxuriate Seed Treatment


Product Overview

Luxuriate Seed Treatment is designed to treat all types of seeds to increase quicker germination and

improve the overall quality, stability, growth and performance of the seeds. It also helps raise protein

and sugar levels in the plant. This liquid product is an advanced composition of naturally occurring microbes, essential plant nutrients, humic acid and carbohydrates.

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Application Rate

Apply 8 ounces  or more per 100 pounds of seed. Mix thoroughly until all seeds are coated evenly. 



Product Overview

The organic version of  Sweetner is an affordable energy boost for the plants, soil and microbes. The carbohydrates in this product encourage and fuel microbial activity. 


  •  Reduces insect pressure - Sweetener consistently reduces insect pressure by raising the BRIX level in the plant.
  • Compatible with other fertilizer, herbicide and fungicide treatments
  • Stays in suspension

Application Rate

Apply 1-2 pounds per acre. 

Available in 20 pound containers.

Micro Pack


Product Overview

Micro Pack is a specially formulated, proprietary liquid foliar fertilizer that combines the

benefits of nitrogen and potassium with vital micronutrients - manganese, zinc and boron. It delivers these macro and micronutrients in an effective, readily available form to increase plant health, growth and yields, when nutrient demands are at their highest. 

Micro Pack is compatible with other liquid fertilizers and most pesticides and herbicides. It is easy and safe to handle for foliar, soil, and aerial applications.

Application Rate

Apply 16 ounces per acre. 

Available in 2.5 gallon and 250 gallon containers.

Nano Enhanced Nutrients


Nano technology is a revolutionary approach to taking nutrient particles and impurities and making them smaller– reducing their size by up to 100 times. As a comparison, that’s like crushing baseballs up into period-sized particles. These smaller nutrient particles are more abundant and extremely reactive. The result is that the particles are absorbed directly into the leaf and root cells in your plants.


The nanoparticles are able to penetrate plant cell walls with high efficiency. More efficient foliar delivery, means healthier crops with lower inputs. When applied to the soil, nano treated nutrients remain in solution and travel more readily through the soil, until they make contact with root cells.

Royal-Grow offers the following nano enhanced nutrients: 

  • Nano Calcium 6%
  • Nano Potash 0-0-21
  • Nano Phosphorus 0-47-0

Application Rate

These Royal-Grow products have an application rate of 4 ounces per acre. 

They are available in 2.5 gallon containers.